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International Distribution 

by Junaidee


February 16, 2021

Is your company growing? Have you started to see the fruits of your labor in the sales, and product development of the company?

For many Malaysian companies, they dream of reaching this stage. Business owners may feel they have achieved enough with a Malaysian presence.

However, for some companies they reach this stage and they realize they are capable of more. They realize that there have been no other companies that fill the international demand for the product or quality of the product they can deliver, and they also realize they can do more for the industry.

This is the position of YJACK Technology. An upcoming company that rose out of the Pile Testing Sector in our own Malaysian construction industry. They are partnering with companies that make online platforms, and online web tools to create a system that can be adopted by other technicians in this sector all around the world.

How does YJACK intend to create a global distribution system or network for it's potential partners? 

The Key?

The key is to join or create (if it doesn't exist) an easily duplicatable system which can be picked up quickly by your future partners. This includes not only distribution, but also in terms of how your company's documentation and ISO is being handled so ensure a uniform quality worldwide (which helps with consistent quality).

YJACK partnered with Waunet to create a synergistic relationship in GeoAli, a website that catalogs YJACK's patented Bi-Directional technology for Pile Testing. They have a goal of including a variety of geotechnical products to the GeoAli portfolio of provided services. This platform includes an international payment gateway for all geotechnical products featured on the platform. Waunet is excited to bring on more variety.

Waunet also supplied a documentation platform, GeoDoc for this niche field which they intend to continue diversifying for niche industries the world over.
YJACK is currently in a position to look for international distributors, and looks to expand the list of countries they are currently in. They are continually developing a distribution and training system for other countries with minimal Bi-Directional Pile Testing experience.

Interested to be a distributor in your country? Find out more about this opportunity by contacting us to get in touch on how we can expand your Bi-Directional Pile Testing horizon.

Why People Choose YJACK?

30 years of Experience

Those that spearhead YJACK have 30 years experience in managing as well as developing a business suited to the pile testing industry


We have operations in multiple countries that give us a wide scope of experience in different geotechnical environments and regions

Proprietary Technology

Our world patents allow us to maintain technology that is unique to us and is able to solve problems that the bi-directional testing industry encounters through our own jack technology

No Steel

The exclusion of the steel plates allow the YJACK to significantly reduce the risk of soft layers forming around the jack and create an overall more reliable and accurate system

Business Opportunities

We are looking for distributors and markets in many other countries to continue making a difference in the pile testing world and continue the dream of being the world's best pile test


We employ a young and dynamic team that is willing to go the distance for the company and contribute ideas as well as time to make sure the company is able to achieve our sustainability goals

How to reach YJACK?

YJACK Contacts 

KL Office
20, Jalan PP 11/5, Alam Perdana Industrial Park, 47130 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: +6016 - 2158 129

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